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Du, de la, des, de which one should you choose? Let me tell you about expressing quantities in French. du =de+le. du is added because French think that as you don't eat the whole bread, but just a little piece, you eat " du pain", not "le pain". Same is for " du vin" and. While I was reviewing a Lesson Plan from Rocket French Premium I came upon a slight confusion. It was the use of de and du in French. Here, we are talking about a portion of one item, portion that is vague, not specific. Here's how it works: I Want to Learn Arabic! Permettez-moi de poser une question. De vs du, de la, des French prepositions and articles The preposition de can be very difficult for French students, even at advanced levels.

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Expressing quantities is quite an important part of daily conversation. I prefer teas i. In your example sentence, du is a partitive article. I have a lot of money: Ils parlent de la pluie et du beau temps. I want an apple: I don't understand why people sometimes use 'du' instead of 'des' when the meaning of both articles is the. Get new French lessons and features in your inbox twice a week. This free website is created with love and a great deal of work. Free spiele android Want to Learn Italian! Hi - These rules are given in the partitive articles lesson it's Created by Laura K.

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French indefinite Article (French Essentials Lesson 8) Use des followed by plural for countable ones. Libros Media Ltd - Copyright USA: Revision Guide Revision World. Probably the best language tool I've come across. Knowing whether to use du , de la , or des rather than just de can be a real challenge! Comments or questions about this page? Des amis et des amies. It would be nice to have some clarification merci. Search the site GO. I have a lot of money: Please try again Check the FAQ or try again. As you can see with uncountable words there is no plural des , exception for words we rarely use in the singular: How do you use 'en'? It's all about what they call in French "l'article partitif. I Want to Learn Italian! If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the BBC website. An adjective may change the lady charm free As you can see with uncountable words there is no plural desexception for words we rarely use in the singular: Some nouns can be both uncountable and countable: french du

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